Keywords: mechanism of interrelations and interaction of public associations, institutes of state power, public administration, socio-political development, public initiatives, cultural and ideological subsystems, civic position, administrative and legal subsystem, democratic relations.


It is noted that the diversity of forms of activity of public associations creates favorable conditions for dialogue between authorities and population, strengthening of social stability. The study of the problem allows us to conclude that positive dynamics in the activities of public associations. Effective interaction of active civil society and a strong state is an essential condition for the harmonious development of both. Of course, not all state and local authorities are interested in working with public entities. The development of forms of interaction between local governments and the public depends in many ways not so much on the socioeconomic status of local entities as on the level of institutionalization and social activity of the nonprofit sector itself. But the interaction between the authorities and other civil society institutions is a dynamically developing system consisting of the following sub-systems: the cultural-ideological subsystem, which is characterized by an active civic position; a management-legal sub-system that represents a rejection of the hierarchical control system open to democratic relations, the establishment of broad horizontal ties in the system of political networks; economic subsystem, which seeks to withdraw from monopoly, aimed at involving each able-bodied person in participation in the affairs of society.

It is determined that public associations, being the body representing the interests of different sectors of the population, interact with different institutions of state power. They work closely with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the expertise of socially significant documents on regional development and local self-government, actively cooperating with the Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Efforts are directed at solving the following main tasks: development of a general strategy for regional development; implementation of priority national projects in the regions. study of legal practice practice.

Proposed by considering financial-economic and resource possibilities of interaction between civil society institutions, focusing on the positive role of state institutions in developing investment activities, attracting additional financial and material resources to the social sphere, and coordinating the joint development of programs and projects. Positive influence on the quality of such interaction can be guardianship councils, coordination and expert councils with the authorities. The purpose of the public examination process is to establish consistency between the activities of the authorities and the social interests of citizens, as well as to formulate proposals for achieving such compliance. Public expertise should be carried out by professionally trained experts at the request of the authorities as well as at the request of non-governmental organizations. The tasks of the public examination of acceptance of documents are: formulation of reasoned opinions on the compliance of documents with the provisions of socio-economic policy, goals and objectives of development and functioning of civil society; evaluation of documents on the subject of compliance with constitutional norms, legitimate interests of citizens and submission of opinion on the expediency and admissibility of their implementation; revealing of the provisions of documents leading to negative social consequences, estimation of possible scales of such influence; Making suggestions on possible solutions to a social problem. In this regard, the author supports the conceptual model of the organization of public examination of bills and the formulation of its result in the form of a social passport.


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