Keywords: safe environment, safety, life safety, public, public safety.


The legal state formation - a complex contradictory process. Along with the obvious achievements in the democratization of public life, liberalization of the economy, the development of Ukraine is characterized by the presence of destructive phenomena that significantly inhibit the implementation of socio-economic reforms that threaten the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, society and the state as a whole. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the increased attention of modern science to the problem of security. The search for solutions to the existing contradiction between the expected state of security and its actual implementation is one of the main tasks of the state.

Public associations in Ukraine are political and legal institutions that develop and perform an intermediary function between civil society and public authorities to ensure and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as their interests and initiatives. At the same time, in such an important problem for modern Ukraine as ensuring a safe environment, the interests of the state and society coincide. This is primarily due to the fact that the state owes its origin to society and develops with it. Therefore, it seems particularly relevant to study the interaction of the state in the face of its bodies with public associations in the field of security.

Experts and scientists in Ukraine are trying to find new effective ways to ensure national security, safety of life and the like. Representatives of civil society and all concerned citizens of Ukraine joined in these scientific developments. In particular, this article is directly related to the research of the Department of public administration and management of innovative activity of the UNI of postgraduate education of the National University of bioresources and nature management of Ukraine.

The article reveals the content load of the concepts "safety", "life safety", "civil control". The types of security are analyzed and it is established that the following types of security are distinguished: human security, national security, consisting of state security, security, political, economic, military, technological, environmental, humanitarian, demographic, information, banking, food, energy, etc.; safety of life activity, which components are: safety of work, safety of military service, public safety, food safety, personal safety, etc. The review of normative legal acts regulating the issues of security in the state, society and citizen safety. The components that provide a safe environment for the population of Ukraine are clarified.


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