Keywords: public administration reform, evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of management, evaluation methodology, performance indicators, principles of effectiveness


The article is devoted to the study of the problem of assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative management in the process of reforming in the field of public administration. Attention is focused on key issues of public administration reform, namely, how to determine what reforms are needed, to achieve what goals and results they need to be implemented, and above all - how effective it is in terms of correlating the expected effects and costs of the reform process.Substantiation of answers to these questions and the creation of an objective methodology for assessing the results and effectiveness of reform in public administration can eliminate the randomness of the reform process, the uncertainty of the timing and desired results for reform - for the sake of the process, rather than achieving efficiency.We believe that in the process of reforming public administration in Ukraine, which we believe is far from a process aimed at the result, it is necessary to clearly understand the causes and consequences of inefficiency in public administration. And we also consider it necessary to create our own methodology for assessing the measurement of the quality and effectiveness of public administration, which would take into account the specifics of various aspects of public administration in Ukraine, taking into account international experience in the development and application of such methods. This will help to identify problematic issues and outline further directions for reforming the public services system in Ukraine.The international experience of implementing the assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of public administration is studied, the existing assessment methodologies in Ukraine are analyzed, the problems of developing and implementing a single assessment system that is capable of objectively monitoring and satisfying the interests of the main stakeholders of public administration reforms are substantiated. Based on this, key principles and mandatory requirements for the criteria and indicators of the effectiveness of reform processes and public administration are identified and proposed.

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Bakumenko, V., Bielousova, O., & Bielousov, V. (2020). PRINCIPLES FOR ASSESSING THE EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REFORM. Public Administration and Regional Development, (7), 286-308.