Judicial reform in Ukraine (2018): problems and achievements

  • Нanna Bondar Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University
Keywords: Judicial Reform, Justice, Judiciary, Supreme Court, Supreme Anticorruption Court.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the problems and advantages of judicial reform in Ukraine. Judicial reform is very relevant, as there was an urgent request for it in society caused by the problem of citizens' trust in the judiciary. Therefore, improving the quality and efficiency of the administration of justice is a common goal of both judges, representatives of related legal professions and academics. Judiciary is part of state power, its efficiency and quality of organization are an integral part of the quality and efficiency of the state as a whole. In Ukraine, there was a real opportunity for a deep and balanced judicial reform and the construction of a qualitatively new judicial branch. The article analyzes the process of reforming the system of justice by means of constitutional changes aimed at bringing the judicial system in line with European standards and laying the groundwork for the refreshment of the judiciary.

The peculiarities of the formation of the new Supreme Court, the Supreme Anticorruption Court, the Supreme Court on Intellectual Property, appellate courts in appellate districts, the functioning of the High Council of Justice, the Public Council for Integrity, the Public Council of International Experts, and the implementation of electronic justice are analyzed. A tendency has been identified in which the most active part of the judiciary body and policy co-operate with each other in the best way to circumvent any legislative changes to maintain a special status or to lock out the system of influence on oneself. Preventing these challenges is not least dependent on the persistence of civil society and international partners. The importance of the reform of legal education has been proved, as there are many problems in the state that hinder the consistent implementation of it. This reform is very important - in the future it can contribute to a qualitative change in the justice system and to withstand numerous challenges in this area.

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