Methodological features of development and realization of regional anti-corruption strategy

  • Valerii Nonik Zhytomyr State Technological University
Keywords: Strategy, corruption, corruption manifestations, counteraction to corruption, region, regional anti-corruption strategy, bodies of state power of Ukraine, tools for realization of regional anti-corruption strategy.


The article reveals the theoretical approaches to the strategic management of the development of the region of anticorruption purposes. The methodology of implementation and implementation of the strategic process is outlined. It is noted that the development of a regional anti-corruption strategy requires a clear methodological toolkit based on the theory of strategic management. The essence-content content of the definition of "regional anti-corruption strategy" was explored: author's definition of a regional anti-corruption strategy as a document defining the goals, tasks, principles, priorities and rules of procedure for local executive authorities, local self-government bodies and civil society institutions related to the promotion of anti-corruption initiatives in the region, and the implementation of state anti-corruption policy at the regional level ensure the reduction of corruption in sih spheres of public life.

Features of development of regional anti-corruption strategy are revealed. The model of functional decomposition of the processes of formation and implementation of the regional strategy is presented. The model structure of the regional anti-corruption strategy, which should be integrated into the comprehensive strategy of socio-economic development of the region, is determined; The main sections and content of the regional anti-corruption strategy as part of the strategy of integrated socio-economic development of the region are presented, aimed at systematically implementing reforms in various spheres of public life based on the principles of transparency and ideology of "serving the people."

Taking into account the results of the generalization and classification of management principles and the specifics of strategic planning of the development of regions, principles are to be taken into account when forming a regional anti-corruption strategy. The logic of the strategic planning process is systematically presented, which should be the basis for the implementation of anti-corruption initiatives.

In order to create an effective anti-corruption mechanism, an algorithm for forming a platform of conditions that provides the effectiveness of the regional anti-corruption strategy and the effectiveness of the anti-corruption tools is defined.

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