Integrated evaluation of the balanced development of OECD member countries using the global index (GI-10) in the context of Global Governance

Keywords: world integration processes, Global Governance, balanced global development of society, global development indicators, integrated index of global development, OECD member countries


The paper generalizes expert analytical information related to global research that contains aggregate data on an integrated assessment of the comprehensive development of the member countries of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), measured by 10 relevant international indices to be used further as Global Governance Indicator – Global Index (GI-10), an integrated index of balanced development, characterizing the current socio-economic state of these countries, their positioning in the global dimension, and opening up new opportunities for regulated impact and defining strategic development guides for both individual countries and interstate entities.

The presented research is a continuation of the previous scientific surveys carried out by the author; it contains new actual results obtained in the field of comprehensive assessment of OECD member countries’ development by the integrated index of global balanced development GI-10. The conducted analysis, in fact, aims to search for the most optimal development model not only for specific countries, but also supra-state formations – communities in the context of globalization.

In conclusion, the author emphasizes the fact that Global Index GI-10 should become one of effective strategic indicators of balanced development of OECD member countries. It is meant to determine in a prompt manner the strong points and bottlenecks in a variety of public policy areas, which will foster formation and implementation of more substantiated management decisions as to global development guides in terms of Global Governance.

For the subsequent steps in improvement of the assessment system, it is very useful to define the essence and content of the integrated development indices according to their separate components, providing a totality of measures and, thus, indicators which determine the results of social development in a specific area, taking into account the socio-humanitarian and economic and technological components.


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