Keywords: state personnel policy, regional city, municipal city, personnel service


The article has analyzed the special features of the current sovereign cadre policy in the regional and municipal rivals in Ukraine, which is a special system of official business prices, which is governed by the priority principle of administrative regulation. Since the Revolutionary leadership in the state began to dominate the personnel process, the characteristics of the transitional periods, the nature of non-repetitiveness, the non-linear nature, the fragmentation of the form of personnel corridor in the central, regional and municipal power supply increased.

It was vouched that the personnel policy became characterized by a high degree of independence and plurality of frames, and the manifestation of greater and greater rewarding of political, rather than business, more than one hour, it was necessary to keep them in good condition that often do not touch the law.

Obviously, without the roguish features of the sovereign cadre policy as a social institution, it is almost impractical for the security service to protect the constitution and the right of service to work and professional development.

Change your mind to formulate a new paradigm of sovereign cadre policy, like a social institute, oriented to democratic development of the Ukrainian suspension, all the way to the integration course.

It has been established that the sovereign cadre of personnel policy is moving forward not into the tool to fight for moisture, but from the public, but to the enormous resource of public administration of the country.

The special features of the implementation of state power personnel policies in the regional and municipal regions, in the minds of the decentralized states of the state policy for the development of the country, are marked.

At this moment, the development of personnel potential of the country’s personnel, the policy is guilty of a warehouse of social and economic development for the region, and for the huge transfer of personnel robots to the regional and municipal districts. It was numbed, with the main impetus of sovereign cadre policy, by the way regional and municipal (territorial) communities, during the decentralized period itself, as long as there was little evidence that the authorities were self-evident.


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