Feasibility and necessity of the cooperation of civic organization with public authorities in Ukraine

  • Svitlana Lizakowska Polish Naval Academy
Keywords: activity of public organizations, public activity, public authorities, civil society.


In the period of the transformation changes in various spheres in Ukraine (political, social, economic) civic organizations are active actor in the system of social relations. They are the basis power in the process of the development of civil society.

According to sociological research, the level of citizen's trust to them is constantly increasing, in comparison with political parties. Civic organization is a self-governing association of people who want to reach public benefit. The activities of such organizations promote the unity of society, which, in turn, reduces the social tension in the country, calms the diverse needs of the population. In addition, non-government organization acts as a partner of public authorities and an actor in the system of state-government relations, which assumes a part of the tasks in the social sphere.

Constructive way of cooperation and expedient elements in the process of establishing interaction between the third sector and authorities is the wide preparation of specialists of civic organizations in a specific field/high competence of the personnel.

The main objective of such cooperation is assess the traditional approach to solving problems and to apply an innovative approach, and the direct involvement of representatives of different target groups in finding solutions to problems.

In Ukraine, civic organizations have typical problems related with their functioning and effective activity. Firstly, the insufficient amount of resources (material and financial), and secondly, the low level of cooperation with public authorities, and thirdly, the need to improve the qualifications of members of organizations. It should be emphasized that the high general level of corruption in various spheres of public life, in public institutions in Ukraine also negatively affects the activities of civic organizations; because non-government organizations can be used by political parties, business groups, and individual government officials.

Cooperation of public authorities with civil society institutes - public organizations, helps to solve more effectively the problems of an individual, a social group, a state.

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