Construction of the local self-government institute as decentralized public municipal authority of territorial communities in Ukraine: theory and practice

  • Alexander Еvtushenko Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University
  • Tetiana Popova Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University
  • Alexander Samsonyuk Administration of the central district of Mykolayiv City Council
Keywords: institute of local self-government, decentralization, financial decentralization, municipal democracy, principle of democracy, public municipal authority, territorial community, local community.


The article deals with theoretical and applied aspects in the formation process of public municipal authorities within territorial communities of Ukraine in the conditions of reforming the system of public administration.
In particular, attention is paid to the contemporary understanding and interpretation of the decentralization that is the result of the European Charter of Local Self-Government and Ukrainian realities. It is stressed that there are contradictions in the process of local self-government reform in terms of power decentralization.
It is noted that among the most significant factors of hindering the process of local self-government formation and development as a decentralized public municipal authority of territorial communities in Ukraine, there is a discrepancy between the current legislative framework for decentralization needs, lack of information and explanatory work, resistance to reform made by district state administrations and local councils, a high level of the population distrust to the power, a lack of properly trained personnel in newly formed OTGs, and so on.
It is shown that the Institute of the Ministry of Social Sciences in the conditions of decentralized public administration is a real and effective form of public municipal power, which manifests itself in the right of the territorial community to public self-organization in legal forms and means that correspond to democratic principles.
It has been determined that public municipal functions are effective only when its bodies and officials are aware that they are, first of all, population`s represantatives; formulate the needs of the population and the necessary measures for their implementation; effectively and responsibly engaged in provision of the normal life conditions for the inhabitants of the respective territorial community.
It is substantiated that the reform of decentralization, the creation of OTG improves the financial capacity and development of the material base of TG, as well as the interest of the local population in more active participation in the management of local affairs, which accelerates the development of municipal democracy and the formation of civil society in Ukraine.


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